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2016 Data Mining Methods for Failure Classification on PV-Modules Monitored under Field-Conditions G. Behrens, A. Dercho, H. Quakernack, T. Wächter, S. Hempelmann, I. Kruse Information
2016 Design and Preparation of Antireflection Coating for Inverted Metamorphic 4 Junction (IMM 4J) Solar Cell X. Sun, Y. Du, Z. Xiao Information
2016 Detailed Irradiance Statistics for the Design of PV-Systems from a Set of Ground Stations in Central Africa (Rwanda) H.G. Beyer, F. Habyarimana Information
2016 DSC Methods for a Fast Determination of the Crosslinking Degree of EVA S. Ogier, D. Chapron, I. Royaud, M. Ponçot, M. Vite, M. Hidalgo Information
2016 Dry Plasma Texturing of Mono-Si for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells Application M.L. Addonizio, L. Fusco, A. Antonaia, A. Spadoni Information
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