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2016 Light Induced Degradation in PERC Solar Cells and Comparison with OxyMap J. Arumughan, B. Martel, G. Raymond, S. Schmitt, J. Theobald, C. Picoulet, X. Brun, R. Kopecek Information
2016 Liquid Phase Exfoliated Graphene Nanoplatelets as a Low Cost Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells S. Sankar Nemala, S. Prathapani, P. Bhargava, S. Bohm, S. Mallick Information
2016 Large-Scale (Utility-Scale) Photovoltaic Power Plants 1980-2015, Literature Survey D. Lenardic Information
2016 Luminescent Solar Noise Barrier – Large Scale Testing and Modeling L.H. Slooff, S. Verkuilen, M.M. de Jong, M.N. van den Donker, M. Kanellis, M.G. Debije Information
2016 Lessons Learned from the Design and Operation of a 300 kWp PV System with Full Self-Consumption of the Energy Produced B. Gaiddon, M. Joos, A. Thebault, C. Derobert, N. Debray, M. Dupret, B. Rozel Information
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