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2016 Models for Lambertian Optics in Si L. Abenante, M. Izzi Information
2016 Measuring Anti-Reflection Coatings on Patterned Glass B. Brophy, Z.R. Abrams, P. Gonsalves Information
2016 Mass Production of High Efficiency Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells: A Low-Cost Approach by Upgrading Gen8.5 Thin Film Solar Line L. Li, L. Zhang, Z. Xu, X. Fang, G. Zhao, S. Gu, X. Tian, B. Li, R. Yang, Y. Meng, T. Guo Information
2016 Multi-Model Ensemble for Day Ahead PV Power Forecasting Improvement M. Pierro, F. Bucci, M. De Felice, E. Maggioni, D. Moser, A. Perotto, F. Spada, C. Cornaro Information
2015 Modelling of the Nonstoichiometric Composition Shift in Physical Vapor Deposition of CdTe Thin Films Based on Experimental Results Z. Cheng, A.E. Delahoy, G. Liu, S. Peng, C. Wang, J. Pan, X. Cao, K.K. Chin Information
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