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2012 Nano Imprint Lithography of Textures for Light Trapping in Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells W.J. Soppe, M. Dörenkämper, J.B. Notta, P.P.A.C. Pex, W. Schipper, R. Wilde Information
2012 Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Environmental Conditions on the BIPV Systems, an Overview of BIPV Modelling in the SOPHIA Project Y.B. Assoa, S. Zamini, W. Sprenger, S. Misara, M. Pellegrino, A. Astigarraga Erleaga Information
2011 Next Generation Ionomer Encapsulants for Low Cost Processing in the Photovoltaic Industry A. Bennett, S.J. Bennison, C.H. Butler, A.V. Hester, T.L. Nutter, S. Schleidt, C.A. Smith Information
2011 Novel Contact Probes for Characterization of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells with and without Bus Bars R. Grischke, V. Tarasenko, V. Nebusov, B. Bram Sadlik, L. Rubin Information
2011 Numerical Simulation of the Effects of Different Coatings on Graphite Susceptor for the Induction Process of Polycrystalline Silicon K.L. Lian, S.S. Lian, S.C. Cheng, S. Tsao Information
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