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2016 Pro-PV Local Building Policy – State of Progress of the Lyon-Confluence Solar City Project B. Gaiddon, M. de l’Epine, M. Valentin, E. Vignali, K. Lapray, O. Zanni Information
2016 Progress of Solar Photovoltaic Systems in India S. Vasudevan, A. Murugesan, V. Radha Information
2016 Precise Determination of the STC I-V Curves by Wide-Range Linear Extrapolation of Outdoor I-V Curves on Partly Sunny Days Y. Hishikawa, H. Ohshima, M. Higa, K. Yamagoe, T. Doi Information
2016 P3HT:PCBM-Based Organic Solar Cells: the Effects of Different PCBM Derivatives B. Kadem, A. Hassan, W. Cranton Information
2016 Prospects in Solar Water Desalination: Towards Affordable H2O without CO2 V. Fthenakis, A.A. Atia, R. Bkayrat, K.C. Ng, T. Alghasham, A. Khalid, D. Nagpal, S. Sgouridis Information
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