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2017 Small-Molecule Donor’s Conjugation-End Effects on OPV Electrical Performance C. Zhan Information
2017 Solar Potential on Commercial Trucks: Results of an Irradiance Measurement Campaign on 6 Trucks in Europe and USA U. Eitner, M. Ebert, T. Zech, C. Schmid, A. Watts, M. Heinrich Information
2017 School Sustainable: Ecological Farming, Solar Energy and Rainwater Capture as Element Educator in County Gravataí / RS - Brazil A.C. Pan, A. Golembieski Machado, L.P. Menna de Oliveira, L. Alves Schmitt, A. Antunes De Paulo, L.F. Ribeiro Gomes, R. Souza da Silva Information
2017 SnS/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells by Ionized Jet Deposition D. Menossi, S. Di Mare, E. Artegiani, G. Tedeschi, F. Piccinelli, A. Romeo Information
2017 Screen-Printed Metallization for p-Type Poly-Si Passivated Contacts Formed by LPCVD S. Mack, T. Fellmeth, J. Schube, F. Feldmann, M. Lenes, J.R.M. Luchies Information
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