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2016 The Study of the Efficiency of Photovoltaics and Wind Power Energy P.P. Bezrukikh, S.M. Karabanov, P.P.jr. Bezrukikh Information
2016 Trap and Recombination Centers Study in Organolead Halide Perovskites G. Gordillo, C.A. Otálora, F.E. Guzmán, A.A. Ramírez Information
2016 The Relevance of PV in the Optimisation of Synergies Among Hybrid Energy Grids in Smart Cities – the OrPHEuS Project S. Caneva, I. Weiss, S. Betz, S. Challet, G. Heilscher, H. Ruf, D. Stakic, K. Ditz, D. Funk, F. Meier, A. Schülke, T.G. Noh, A. Papageorgiou, S. Nicolas Information
2016 Technical Parameters Used in PV Financial Models: Review and Analysis J. Vedde, M. Richter, C. Tjendgdrawira, B. Herteleer, M. Herz, U. Jahn, B. Stridh, L. Frearson, M. Green Information
2016 The PV Market Developments in Greece, Feed-in-Premium Scheme S. Tselepis Information
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