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Laser Fired Contacts for High Efficiency Solar Cells Based on EFG Material
In the past few years the quality of Edge-defined Film-fed Growth (EFG) silicon wafers has strongly improved and can now compete with most standard multicrystalline materials. As the wafer thickness decreases and meets the average diffusion length of the minority charge carriers, a dielectric rear side passivation can exceed the effectiveness of a standard aluminium Back Surface Field (BSF). To contact a dielectrically passivated rear side the concept of Laser Fired Contacts (LFC) is a very promising technique. Investigations for rear side passivation at the University of Konstanz (UKN) focus on a stack system of a thin thermal silicon oxide covered by a thick Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposited (PECVD) silicon nitride layer.
J. Junge, C. Srümpel, S. Seren, G. Hahn, A. Metz, M. Kaes
Laser Processing, Passivation, Silicon Ribbon
Wafer-Based Silicon Solar Cells and Materials Technology
Subtopic: Mono- and Multicrystalline Silicon Cells and Materials, Processing Technology of
Event: 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, 1-5 September 2008, Valencia, Spain
Session: 2CV.4.69
1561 - 1563
ISBN: 3-936338-24-8
Paper DOI: 10.4229/23rdEUPVSEC2008-2CV.4.69
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