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Newtech – 3 Different Thin Film PV Plants of 1kWp under Direct Long-Term Comparison (2002 – 2009)
H. Häberlin, P. Schärf
Performance, PV System, Thin Film (TF)
Components for PV Systems
Subtopic: PV System Engineering and Standards, Socio-economic Aspects, and Sustainability
Event: 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition / 5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, 6-10 September 2010, Valencia, Spain
Session: 4BV.1.108
4756 - 4762
ISBN: 3-936338-26-4
Paper DOI: 10.4229/25thEUPVSEC2010-4BV.1.108
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper


Besides tests of PV inverters started in 1989, since 1992 the PV laboratory of BFH-TI in Burgdorf has also carried out several analytical monitoring projects without any interruptions with a continuously increasing number of plants and inverters. At present 43 grid-connected PV plants with 72 inverters are monitored. Most of these plants are in the town of Burgdorf, but since 1993 also two high alpine plants at 3454 m and 2670 m are included in the project. The purpose of these long-term monitoring projects is to register all relevant influences on energy yield, degradation mechanisms, reliability, and life expectancy of grid-connected PV plants, which can not be detected during relatively short initial monitoring campaigns of only 1- 2 years often performed after the erection of new PV plants. Since December 2001 also a PV pilot plant with three different thin-film technologies (CuInSe2/CIS, a-Si tandem cells, a-Si triple cells) has been included in the project. In this paper, the operating experience of the first 8 years since the very first day of operation is presented. Energy production of these three thin-film plants can be compared directly with that of many crystalline plants in Burgdorf and in other parts of Switzerland monitored in the same project.