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2021 A Framework for Implementing Requirements on the Carbon Footprint of Photovoltaic Modules under the Ecodesign Policy D. Polverini, N. Espinosa, C. Klos, A. Arcipowska Information
2021 Application of (Delta)n Normalised Time, (Gamma): Linear Injection-Level Dependence on LeTID and the Recovery in Crystalline Silicon M. Kim, A. Ciesla, C. Sun, D. Chen, M. Abbott, B. Hallam Information
2021 A Brand New Training Platform Aimed at Upscaling Solar Capacity Building B. Gaiddon, M. de l’Epine, P. Enjolras, O. Verdeil, S. Anquetin, D. Gagnaire Information
2021 A Snapshot of Global PV Markets - The Latest Survey Results on PV Markets and Policies from the IEA PVPS Programme in 2020 G. Masson, A. Jäger-Waldau, I. Kaizuka, J. Lindahl, J. Donoso Alonso Information
2021 A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of PV Modules – Influence of Database and Background System S. Herceg, A.-K. Briem, M. Fischer, P. Brailovsky, T. Dannenberg, M. Held Information
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