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2021 A Framework for Implementing Requirements on the Carbon Footprint of Photovoltaic Modules under the Ecodesign Policy D. Polverini, N. Espinosa, C. Klos, A. Arcipowska Information
2021 Automatic Fault Detection and Classification in PV Systems by the Application of Machine Learning Algorithms G.D. Rupakula, D. Daßler, S. Malik, M. Ebert, R. Schmidt Information
2021 A Brand New Training Platform Aimed at Upscaling Solar Capacity Building B. Gaiddon, M. de l’Epine, P. Enjolras, O. Verdeil, S. Anquetin, D. Gagnaire Information
2021 A Multi-Layer Modelling Framework for Techno-Socio-Economical Penetration of Photovoltaics M. Verkou, Z. Ahmad, H. Ziar, O. Isabella, M. Zeman Information
2021 Aging Behavior of Polymeric Inverter Casings E. Helfer, P. Christöfl, G. Oreski, J. Petro, M. Gschwandl, D. Graf, P. Rechberger Information
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