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2020 Are Renewable Energy Credits from Other Countries Worthwhile Than PV’s in Malta towards the Energy Transition? B. Bartolo, B. Azzopardi Information
2020 Autonomous Monitoring and Analysis of PV Systems by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics M. Aghaei, A. Eskandari, A.H.M.E. Reinders Information
2020 A Framework to Assess Local Grid Impacts of PV Deployment and Load Growth, and Cost-Effective Measures to Minimise Disruption across Great Britain S. Few, P. Djapic, G. Strbac, J. Nelson, C. Candelise Information
2020 A Roadmap towards 24%-Efficiency PERC Cells Based on Screen Printing for Mass Production X. Zhang, W. Liu, Y. Chen, S. Chen, G. Xu, Y.Y. Hu, Y. Yang, D. Chen, Y. Chen, P.P. Altermatt, P.J. Verlinden, Z. Feng Information
2020 Assessment of Influencing Factors on Lifetime-Based Defect Analysis R. Post, T. Niewelt, W. Kwapil, M.C. Schubert Information
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