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2021 Application of Machine Learning to Assess the Thermal Behaviour of PV Modules in Different Climate Zones J. Ascencio-Vásquez, I. Kaaya, K.-A. Weiß, M. Topic Information
2021 Analysis and Development of a Fault-Tolerant Power Converter for Solar PV Applications A. Filba-Martinez, C. Cabré-Piqueras, L. Trilla, P. Paradell Sola, J.L. Domínguez-García Information
2021 Analysis of Automatic Fault Detection Methods for Commercially Operated PV Power Plants E.A. Sarquis Filho, K. Kiefer, N. Holland, B. Kollosch, B. Müller, P.J. Costa Branco Information
2021 A Round Robin - HighLiting on the Passivating Contact Technology T. Fellmeth, F. Feldmann, B. Steinhauser, H. Nagel, S. Mack, M. Hermle, F. Torregrosa, A. Ingenito, F.-J. Haug, A. Morisset, F. Buchholz, A. Chaudhary, T. Desrues, F. Haase, B. Min, R. Peibst, L. Tous Information
2021 Aesthetic Evaluation Criteria for Façade Integrated Photovoltaics in Urban Context C. Xiang, C.T. Moscoso Paredes, B. Szybinska Matusiak Information
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