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2019 A Study on the Output of Bifacial PV Modules Considering Diffused Irradiation S.Y. Park, S.H. Lee, B.G. Bhang, J.-H. Choi, W.B. Lee, C.S. Won, S.C. Woo, H.J. Go, H. Jo, O. Kwon, H.K. Ahn Information
2017 A Comparative Study of PV Modules Performance between Prediction Models and Experience in the Green Energy Park: Crystalline Technology C. Hajjaj, M. Benhmida, S. Sahnoun, A. Alami Merrouni, A. Ghennioui, A. Benlarabi, B. Ikken, Z. Naimi, A. Bennouna, M. Maaroufi Information
2015 Anti-LID SiCN:H Layers Deposited by PECVD on p-Type Czochralski Silicon Wafers with Controlled Boron and Interstitial Oxygen Concentration C. Charpentier, B. Martel, G. Raymond, C. Picoulet, Y. Marot, F. Coeuret, F. Gouhinec, J. Hong, S. Pouliquen Information
2008 Amorphous Carbon as Antireflective Coating for Solar Cells D.S. Silva, M.A.B. Namani, A.D.S. Côrtes, M.H. Oliveira Jr., P.R. Mei, F.C. Marques Information
2008 Advances in the Performance of Inverted Metamorphic Multi-Junction (IMM) Solar Cells A. Cornfeld, B. Cho, J. Díaz, A. Korostyshevsky, V. Ley, P. Sharps, M. Stan, T. Varghese Information
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