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2011 Analysis of Processing Steps for Industrial Large Area n-Type Solar Cells with Screen Printed Aluminum-Alloyed Rear Emitter and Selective FSF F. Book, T. Wiedenmann, S. Gloger, B. Raabe, G. Schubert, H. Plagwitz, G. Hahn Information
2011 Analysis of Measures for Stability Approvements in the Distribution Grid L. Steiner, A. Hoffmann, T. Hartkopf Information
2011 Analysis and Evaluation of Methods for Automated Wafer Handling in High Volume Manufacturing C. Fischmann, T. Giesen, F. Böttinger, R. Wertz, A. Ehm, N. Böffert, D. Goh, A. Verl, M. Kunz Information
2011 A New Concept of Photochemical Upconversion for Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells B. Fückel, Y.Y. Cheng, R.W. MacQueen, R.G.C.R. Clady, K. Nauta, M.J. Crossley, T.W. Schmidt, C. Johnson, G.J. Conibeer, M.A. Green, K. Lips, B. Stannowski, S. Kirner, T. Hänel, R. Schlatmann, B. Rech, N.J. Ekins-Daukes Information
2011 A Case Study for Energy Performance in the BIPV Energy Research in Taiwan C.P. Chou, C.C. Chan, G.W. Chang, H.J. Chen, C.M. Shu, H.C. Sung Information
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