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2016 A Bypass Diode for Integrated Smart Solar Cell Module H.W. Du, M. Gao, F. Xu, L. Zhao, L. Lu, Z.Q. Ma Information
2016 AiSoVol Project: a Photovoltaic Generation Solution as an Alternative Construction Material A.B. Cueli, J. Bengoechea, A. Murillo, M.J. Rodriguez, A.R. Lagunas, C. Montes, A. Linares, E. Llarena, O. González, D. Molina, A. Pío, L. Ocaña, C. Quinto, M. Friend, M. Cendagorta Information
2014 A Simulation of Grid-Connected Combined PV and Battery Storage for a Single House and a Community D. Howard, J. Norris, K. Palmer, C. Vingoe, J. Bright, R. Crook Information
2013 A Case Study for Micro-Grid PV: Lessons Learned from a Rural Electrification Project in India P. Loka, S. Moola, K. Polsani, S. Reddy, S. Fulton, A. Skumanich Information
2012 About AZUR'S "3G30-advanced" Space Solar Cell and Next Generation Product with 35% Efficiency G.F.X. Strobl, D. Fuhrmann, W. Guter, V. Khorenko, W. Köstler, M. Meusel Information
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