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2021 Analysis of Temperature Inertia of PV Modules Using Different Temperature Estimation Models A.K. Vidal de Oliveira, M. Braga, S.-Y. Oh, S. Dittmann, R. Gottschalg, C.D. Rodríguez-Gallegos, T. Reindl, K. Ettalbi, T.R. Betts, L. Burnham, R. Rüther Information
2021 Ageing of Two 5kW PV Arrays at the IES-UPM after 8 Years of Operation F. Martinez-Moreno, C. Rossa, P. Merodio, L. Fialho, N. Tuytyundzhiev Information
2021 Assessing the Use of Polyvinylidene Fluoride as a Binder Material for Producing Carbon Based Inks Suitable for HTM-Free Perovskite Solar Cells C. Montes, L. Ocaña, S. González-Pérez, B. González-Diaz, E. Llarena Information
2021 A Comparative Analysis of Forecasting Methods for Photovoltaic Power and Energy Generation with and without Exogenous Inputs A. Starosta, K. Kaushik, P. Jhaveri, N. Munzke, M. Hiller Information
2021 Approaching 23% with p-Type Back Junction Solar Cells Featuring Screen-Printed Al Front Grid and Passivating Rear Contacts B. Min, N. Wehmeier, H. Schulte-Huxel, R. Witteck, T. Brendemühl, T. Daschinger, F. Haase, Y. Larionova, L. Nasebandt, K. Tsuji, M. Dhamrin, R. Peibst, R. Brendel Information
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