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2021 A Round Robin - HighLiting on the Passivating Contact Technology T. Fellmeth, F. Feldmann, B. Steinhauser, H. Nagel, S. Mack, M. Hermle, F. Torregrosa, A. Ingenito, F.-J. Haug, A. Morisset, F. Buchholz, A. Chaudhary, T. Desrues, F. Haase, B. Min, R. Peibst, L. Tous Information
2021 A Decision Support System for Cost-Effective Operation and Maintenance of PV Plants S. Gallmetzer, A. Louwen, P. Ingenhoven, D. Moser Information
2021 A Grey Box Model for Shunting-Type Potential Induced Degradation in Silicon Photovoltaic Cells under Environmental Stress A. Schils, R. Breugelmans, J. Carolus, J. Ascencio-Vásquez, A. Wabbes, E. Bertrand, B. Aldalali, M. Daenen, E. Voroshazi, S. Scheerlinck Information
2021 A Free Online Tool for the Simulation of Collective Self-Consumption in Brussels B. Sarr, Z. Zhao, J. Leloux, P. Hendrick, J. Robledo Bueno Information
2021 A Unified Capacitance Loss Mapping for Solar Cells Defects J. Sala, T. Kohl, G. Brammertz, M. Ahmadpour, M. Sandholm Madsen, T. Aernouts, M. Daenen, B. Vermang Information
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