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2022 A New Technological and Environmentally Sustainable Long-Term Supply-Chain Solution for The Mass Production of High Purity Silica From Canada L. Weeden, B. Bullen, T. Needham Information
2022 A Simple Guide for Designing a Photovoltaic and Battery System Coupled with a Heat Pump Across Europe M. Dallapiccola, J. Adami, D. Moser Information
2022 Assessing the Effectiveness of Encapsulation Schemes for Perovskite Devices Using Photoluminescence Imaging G. Koutsourakis, S.M.P. Meroni, J.C. Blakesley, R. Dix Peek, R. Dixon, E. van Dyk, P. Obene, I. Arnold, T. Tvapanyan, J. Crozier McCleland, R. Roodt, F. Vorster, A.G.R. Howe, T.M. Watson, F. Araujo de Castro Information
2022 Adding the MLFM to PVPMC/PVLIB S. Ransome, J. Sutterlueti Information
2022 Accurate Linearity Measurements of the Short-Circuit Current Using a Spectral Shaping Setup M. Mühleis, S.K. Reichmuth, M. Rauer, J. Hohl-Ebinger Information
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