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2018 Annual Degradation Rates of Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Modules in Different Climatic Zones in China H. Song, P. Xu, Z. Wu, Y. Xia, M. Yun Information
2018 Assessments for Distance through Insulation (DTI) of PV Encapsulant/ Backsheet Materials H.-H. Hsieh, W.-H. Wang, M.-T. Kuan, C.-C. Wang, C.F. Hsieh Information
2018 Advanced Testing of PV Module Encapsulants S. Pingel, S. Janke, B. Stannowski, S. Fechner, L. Podlowski Information
2018 Automated Module Failure Identification and Proposal of Repowering in Operating Solar Plants for Continuous Optimum Operation H.-J. Rodríguez San Segundo, J.S. Sánchez Serrano, R. Imbert, C. Gonzalo-Martín, V. Robles, A. Calo López, C. de Vicente Suso Information
2018 A More Accurate Machine Learning Photovoltaic System Performance Analyser by Using Fuzzy Logic S. Rodrigues, J.P. Carvalho, H. Geirinhas Ramos, F. Morgado-Dias Information
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