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2017 A Successful Conversion of Silicon Thin-Film Solar Module Production to High Efficiency Heterojunction Technology D. Andronikov, A. Abramov, S. Abolmasov, K. Emtsev, G. Ivanov, A. Kukin, I. Nyapshaev, D. Orekhov, A. Semenov, G. Shelopin, E. Terukova, E. Terukov, N. Belkova, A. Dubrovskiy, P. Ishmuratov, A. Ivanov, D. Saykin, I. Shakhray, A. Smirnov, V. Tarasov, V. Timakov, A. Tomchinskiy, G. Kekelidze Information
2016 All-Solution Processes for Manufacturing Photoelectrodes and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Inkjet Printing Technology C.-T. Chen, B.-C. Hu Information
2016 A Pratical Analysis of the 58-15 Moroccan Law on Renewable Energy R. El Bachtiri Information
2016 A Simulation Study of Resistive Effect of Tunnel Junction Rear Contacts in Bifacial n-PERT Silicon Solar Cells C.-M. Wei, Y.-H. Lin, C.-C. Li, C.-C. Chuang Information
2016 Advanced Optical Characterization of Industrial PECVD Silicon Nitride Layers N. Borojevic, Z. Hameiri, S. Winderbaum Information
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