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2017 Approaching 22% Efficiency with Multicrystalline n-Type Silicon Solar Cells J. Benick, R. Müller, F. Schindler, A. Richter, H. Hauser, F. Feldmann, P. Krenckel, S. Riepe, M.C. Schubert, M. Hermle, S.W. Glunz Information
2017 A Micro-Droplet Etching Approach for Texturization of Diamond Wire Sawn Multi-Crystalline Silicon Wafers L. Zhou, Z. Xiao, Z. Yue, H. Huang, W. Chen, X. Ye, S. Jin, L. Gong, H. Chen, Z. Xin Information
2017 A Full Transparent Electrode Application in III-V Compound Solar Cell P. Dai, S. Uchida, M. Tan, W. Yang, M. Xiao, Y. Wu, L. Bian, S. Lu, H. Yang Information
2017 Analysis for Different Materials Used as Up Converters when Incorporated in Bifacial Silicon Solar Cells Using the Program PC1-D A.C. Pan, L.S. Grassi Cardoso, F. Soares dos Reis Information
2017 Achieving Faster Lamination Process for Crystalline Photovoltaic Modules by Using Latest Lamination Technologies S. Sraisth Information
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