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2020 Alkali Post-Deposition Treatment of Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Solar Cell Absorbers Grown under Atmospheric Pressure P. Reyes-Figueroa, T. Kodalle, T. Bertram, A. Villanueva-Tovar, E. Waack, R. Haberecht, C.A. Kaufmann, R. Schlatmann, R. Klenk Information
2020 An Advanced Chemical Model for the Phosphorus Diffusion During Emitter Formation of Industrial Silicon Solar Cells P. Jäger, V. Mertens, U. Baumann, T. Dullweber Information
2020 Assessment of the Benefits of Adding PV Generation into Existing Wind Power Plants A.R. Arrifano Manito, M. Pinho Almeida, M. Cassares, K.J.F. Novaes Cândido de Souza, G. Figueiredo, J. Romel, P. Ferreira Torres, R. Zilles Information
2020 Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposited Aluminum Oxide / Silicon Nitride Stacks for PERC and PERT Solar Cell Concepts with High Passivation Quality F. Geml, B. Gapp, S. Sanz Alonso, J. Engelhardt, G. Hahn Information
2020 Accurate Determination of Micro-Inverter Performance Using Electrically Biased PV Modules J.D. Moschner, J. Tant, A. Wabbes, S. Scheerlinck, J. Driesen Information
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