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2021 Assessing Plausible Environmental Implications of a Ground-Mounted Perovskite/Si Tandem PV System C. Salas-Redondo, C.-F. Blanco, J.-B. Puel, A. Julien, F. Soumane, S. Cucurachi, W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg, L. Oberbeck Information
2021 Application of Machine Learning to Assess the Thermal Behaviour of PV Modules in Different Climate Zones J. Ascencio-Vásquez, I. Kaaya, K.-A. Weiß, M. Topic Information
2021 A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of PV Modules – Influence of Database and Background System S. Herceg, A.-K. Briem, M. Fischer, P. Brailovsky, T. Dannenberg, M. Held Information
2021 Application of (Delta)n Normalised Time, (Gamma): Linear Injection-Level Dependence on LeTID and the Recovery in Crystalline Silicon M. Kim, A. Ciesla, C. Sun, D. Chen, M. Abbott, B. Hallam Information
2021 A Snapshot of Global PV Markets - The Latest Survey Results on PV Markets and Policies from the IEA PVPS Programme in 2020 G. Masson, A. Jäger-Waldau, I. Kaizuka, J. Lindahl, J. Donoso Alonso Information
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