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2019 A Comparative Study of Front and Rear Surface Passivation Techniques of Nitric Acid Oxidation of Silicon on Phosphorus-Diffused and Non-Diffused Textured Surfaces for p-Type Bifacial PERCS S. Joonwichien, Y. Kida, M. Moriya, S. Utsunomiya, K. Shirasawa, H. Takato Information
2019 Analysis and Investigation of BIPV Operating Performance Based on the PV Installations at the ZSW Research Building D. Geyer, D. Stellbogen, P. Lechner, S. Hummel, J. Schnepf, D. Huschenhöfer Information
2019 Angle-Dependent Optical Performance of Spectrally Selective Solar Cells for Building Integrated Applications N. Osterthun, N. Neugebohrn, K. Gehrke, M. Vehse, C. Agert Information
2019 Approach to Clarify the Cause of Handling Defects in Silicon Heterojunction Cell Production through the Interplay of Different Imaging Techniques A. Fischer, I.V. Vulcanean, A. Moldovan, J. Rentsch Information
2019 Analysis of Fielded PV-Modules with Backsheet Issues P. Lechner, H. Wirth, J. Schnepf, S. Hummel, D. Geyer, B. Weinreich, R. Haas Information
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