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2016 Advanced Analyses of Loss Mechanisms for PV Systems in Delhi, India A.M. Nobre, D. Dave, A. Khor, R. Malhotra, S. Karthik, I.M. Peters, T. Reindl Information
2016 Analysis of Build-in Electrostatic Field in CdTe Thin Film Solar Cells by QE Measurements at Bias Voltage L. Feng, L. Wu, X. Li, H. Xu, S. Cao, Q. Shu, W. Li, G. Zeng, J. Zhang, B. Li Information
2016 AiSoVol Project: a Photovoltaic Generation Solution as an Alternative Construction Material A.B. Cueli, J. Bengoechea, A. Murillo, M.J. Rodriguez, A.R. Lagunas, C. Montes, A. Linares, E. Llarena, O. González, D. Molina, A. Pío, L. Ocaña, C. Quinto, M. Friend, M. Cendagorta Information
2016 A Novel Suitable Resonant Filter to Improve the THD for a PV Inverter R. El Bachtiri, M. Khanfara, K. El Hammoumi Information
2016 A Simulation Study of Depletion Effect of Negatively Charged Passivation Layer on n-Type Back-Contact Back-Junction Silicon Solar Cell C.-M. Wei, C.-C. Li, C.-C. Chuang Information
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