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A New Standard for Holistic Quality Assurance
B. Jäckel, A. Krtschil, D.W. Cunningham, N. Forney, C. LaMothe, A. Nguyen, M. Disser, A. Roth
c-Si, Photovoltaic (PV) Module, Qualification and Testing, Stability, Crystalline Silicon
Components for PV Systems
Subtopic: PV Modules
Event: 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 4AV.2.1
3484 - 3490
ISBN: 3-936338-27-2
Paper DOI: 10.4229/26thEUPVSEC2011-4AV.2.1
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper


In this paper we present a new standard for product quality validation with special emphasis on reliability and mass production monitoring to implement a better level of product quality and of better customer and investor confidence in the products. This new quality standard will be expressed by a new quality label: VDE Quality-Tested. The seal and the related criteria set a much higher technical quality standard as it is currently found in industry. It contains three major improvements compared to standard product certification and surveillance. First, we defined harder product qualification criteria, e.g. longer testing times combined with stricter pass/fail criteria to provide longer reliability of the modules in the field. Second, several inline tests like wet-leakage and high-pot-tests were implemented in mass production as well as a 100% product control by electroluminescence. Most of these tests are not required by standard module qualification and production surveillance, but appearing fails are suspected to have significant impact on module safety and system performance. In consequence, these additional tests will directly increase the confidence level of investors and costumers. Third pillar of the Quality-Tested seal is a quarterly monitoring of modules reliability by means of regular climate chamber tests with focus on thermomechanical and humidity-temperature-induced stresses. In summary, Q-Cells, BP Solar and VDE Testing and Certification Institute present a new quality standard on base of harder criteria within initial module qualification and permanent production monitoring, which gives direct value-add for customers in terms of better module reliability, safety and bankability for PV investments.