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2022 Bifacial PV Canopy System in High Latitude, Model Development and Validation with First Months of Monitoring Data S. Ranta, H. Huerta, S. Jouttijärvi, A. Heinonen, A. Driesse Information
2022 Bifacial PV Balcony and Terrace Fences R. Valckenborg, S. Villa, B.B. Van Aken, T. Burgers Information
2022 Benchmark of Eight Commercial Solutions for Deterministic Intra-Days Solar Forecast J. Lehmann, C. Koessler, S. Scheerlinck, L. Ruiz Gomez Information
2022 BIPV Envelope Design Optimization at Conceptual Design Stage S.T. Imalka, P. Wijeratne, R. Yang, R. Wakefield Information
2022 Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services in Swedish Solar Farms: Current Practice and a Planning Framework for Net Gain M. van Noord, I. Pettersson, T. Råberg, K. Morell, L.H. Björnsson, U. Zinko, S. Ghaem Sigarchian, A. Sandström Information
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