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2020 Bionic Leaf-Vein Architecture: High Performance Transparent Conducting Electrodes with Low Ag Consumption for Resource-Efficient Solar Cell Applications G. Jia, A. Dellith, C. Schmidt, J. Dellith, G. Schmidl, G. Andrä, J. Plentz Information
2020 Benchmark and Irradiation Tests of Terrestrial Solar Cells for Low Cost Space Solar Array S. Duzellier, R. Cariou, T. Nuns, P. Voarino, F. Chabuel, C. Aicardi Information
2020 Bifacial Modules for Large Scale PV Plants: Lessons Learned and Current Limitations from a Factory/Manufacturing Inspection Outlook R.J. Gómez, E. Jiménez, D. Sanz, C. Sandoval, J. Cuaresma, J.C. Vázquez, S. Rodríguez-Conde, H. Silva, V. Parra Information
2019 Bifacial PV System Mismatch Loss Estimation and Parameterization C. Deline, S. Ovaitt, S. MacAlpine, C. Olalla Information
2019 BIPVBOOST Project – Bringing Down Costs of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Solutions and Processes Along the Value Chain, Enabling Widespread Implementation in Near Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) Implementation M. Machado, R. Alonso, F. Frontini, P. Bonomo, I. Weiss, P. Alonso Gomez, E. Rico, P. Alamy, A. Apraiz, S. Pierret, P. Macé, S. Boddaert, J. Adami, J. Payet, R. Baetens, P. Stassen, U. Rühle, K. Viriden, M. Martínez, C. Pirotta, M. Polo, A. Haller Information
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