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2019 Brazilian Business Models in Distributed Photovoltaic Generation: International Experiences and New Opportunities J.P. Correa da Costa e Silva, M. Mortari Carrilho, F. Luiz Cyrino Oliveira, R. Calili Information
2019 BIPVBOOST Project – Bringing Down Costs of Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Solutions and Processes Along the Value Chain, Enabling Widespread Implementation in Near Zero Energy Buildings (nZEBs) Implementation M. Machado, R. Alonso, F. Frontini, P. Bonomo, I. Weiss, P. Alonso, E. Rico, P. Alamy, A. Apraiz, S. Pierret, P. Macé, S. Boddaert, J. Adami, J. Payet, R. Baetens, P. Stassen, U. Rühle, K. Viriden, M. Martínez, C. Pirotta, M. Polo, A. Haller Information
2019 Bifacial PV System Mismatch Loss Estimation and Parameterization C. Deline, S. Ayala Pelaez, S. MacAlpine, C. Olalla Information
2019 Bifaciality Optimization of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells A. Danel, J. Eymard, F. Pernoud, J. Diaz, M. Debourdeau, M. Quemin, A. Bettinelli, L. Basset, L. Sicot, S. Harrison, R. Varache, E. Gerritsen, P.-J. Ribeyron, C. Roux Information
2019 Bifacial Performance Optimization Studies Using Bifacial Radiance and High Performance Computing J.S. Stein, M. Prilliman, C. Stark, J. Nagyvary, S. Ayala Pelaez, C. Deline Information
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