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2013 Business Models for Renewable Energy Based Mini-Grids in Non-Electrified Regions E. Gaudchau, A.-K. Gerlach, V. Wasgindt, C. Breyer Information
2013 Behavior of the Electrical Parameters of PV Modules Subject to a Flame Ignition P. Cancelliere, V. Puccia, G. Longobardo, C. Liciotti, M. Cardinali Information
2012 Broad-Band Photon Harvesting in Nanostructured a:Si Thin Film Solar Cells C. Martella, M. Giordano, C. Mennucci, D. Chiappe, F. Buatier de Mongeot, P. Delli Veneri, L.V. Mercaldo, I. Usatii Information
2011 Bifacial Silicon Solar Cell under Frequency Modulation and Monochromatic Illumination: Recombination Velocities and Associated Equivalent Electrical Circuits I. Ly, I. Zerbo, M. Wade, M. Ndiaye, A. Dieng, A. Diao, N. Thiam, A. Thiam, M.M. Dione, F.I. Barro, A.S. Maiga, G. Sissoko Information
2010 Benefits of High Reflectivity Encapsulants in Combination with LPCVD ZnO Back Contact T. Crawford, M. Gossla, H. Knauss, S. Krull, B. Mayer, I. Sinicco, M. Stecher Information
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