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2019 Building Blocks Development for Defect-Free Growth of GaAs on Silicon for Tandem Solar Cells D. Mencaraglia, C. Renard, J.P. Connolly, N. Cherkashin, G. Hallais, A. Jaffré, J. Alvarez, G. Chau, L. Vincent, J.-P. Kleider, F. Hamouda, D. Bouchier Information
2019 Bragg Reflector within Triple-Junction Solar Cells for Spectrum Splitting Application Y. Jiang, M.J. Keevers, P. Pearce, N. Ekins-Daukes, M.A. Green Information
2019 Boosting PV Module Efficiency Beyond the Efficiency of Its Solar Cells – A Raytracing Study with Daidalos Now Available to the Scientific Community M.R. Vogt, R. Witteck, T. Gewohn, H. Schulte-Huxel, C. Schinke, M. Köntges, K. Bothe, R. Brendel Information
2019 Both Sides Contacted Silicon Solar Cells: Options for Approaching 26% Efficiency A. Richter, J. Benick, F. Feldmann, A. Fell, B. Steinhauser, J.-I. Polzin, N. Tucher, J.N. Murthy, M. Hermle, S.W. Glunz Information
2019 Bifacial Amorphous Si Quintuple-Junction Solar Cells for IoT Devices with High Open-Circuit Voltage of 3.5V under Low Illuminance M. Konagai, R. Sasaki Information
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