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2020 Bottom-Up Analysis of Future PV System Cost Development E. Vartiainen, G. Masson, C. Breyer, D. Moser, E. Román Medina, E. Bosch, P. Macé Information
2020 BIM - A Driver for Cost Reduction within the BIPV Industry P. Alamy, E. Saretta, P. Bonomo, J. Adami, S. Pierret, D. Valecia-Caballero, P. Alonso Information
2020 BBr3 Diffusion: Process Optimization for High-Quality Emitters with Industrial Cycle Times E. Lohmüller, M. Glatz, S. Lohmüller, U. Belledin, S. Mack, T. Fellmeth, R.C.G. Naber, A. Wolf Information
2020 Bio-Inspired Design of a Dynamic Solar Photovoltaic Envelope with Evolving Functionalities J. Ratovonkery, Y.B. Assoa, C. Ménézo Information
2020 Benchmarking Yield Assessment Exercise in Different Climates within an International Collaboration Framework D. Moser, S. Lindig, M. Herz, B. Müller, I. Horvath, A. Schils, S. Ramesh, M. Green, J. Vedde, D. Barnard, B. Herteleer, J.A. Tsanakas, J. Ascencio-Vásquez, M. Richter Information
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