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2015 Beyond 22% Large Area n-Type Silicon Solar Cells with Front Laser Doping and a Rear Emitter A. Uruena, M. Aleman, E. Cornagliotti, A. Sharma, J. Deckers, M. Haslinger, L. Tous, R. Russell, J. John, Y. Yao, T. Söderström, F. Duerinckx, J. Szlufcik Information
2015 Bifacial Multicrystalline Solar Cells with Efficiencies above 18% Prepared in an Industrial Production Environment A. Teppe, C. Gong, O. Voigt, I. Melnyk, S. Keller, M. Klenk, F. Binaie Masouleh, A. Samadi, J. Dong, K. Zhao, J. Liu, S. Wang, S. Zhou, P. Fath Information
2015 Bias Dependent Electron-Beam Induced Current Imaging for Diagnostics of Silicon Solar Cells S. Großer, R. Schüler, M. Werner, C. Hagendorf Information
2015 Breakdown of the Efficiency Gap to 29% Based on Experimental Input Data and Modelling R. Brendel, T. Dullweber, R. Peibst, C. Kranz, A. Merkle, D. Walter Information
2015 BIPV Solar Harvesting by Use of Architectural Films C.H. Oon, K.W. Ng, K. Hock, Y. Kassim Information
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