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2014 Brief Study of BIPV Potential in Morocco A. Ennajdaoui, Z. Naimi, K. Belrhiti Alaoui, B. Ikken Information
2013 Boron Emitter of N-Type Solar Cell Made with BBr3 and Spin-Coating Boron Sources S.-W. Chiu, P.-T. Hsieh, C.-J. Huang, H.-C. Chang, C.C. Li Information
2013 Black Silicon for Photovoltaic Cells: Towards a High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cell T. Sarnet, T.J.-Y. Derrien, R. Torres, P. Delaporte, F. Torregrosa, M.-J. Sher, Y.-T. Lin, B. Franta, G. Deng, E. Mazur Information
2013 Bulk-Heterojunction Organique Solar Cell Based on Blend of P3HT and PCBM: Influence of Recombination at the Actives Layers Interfaces Upon to the Photogenerated Holes and Photocurrent Densities A. Dioum, M.B. Gaye, A. Safae, S. Ndiaye, B. Lo, E.M. Assaid, A.C. Beye Information
2013 Boron-Doped PECVD Silicon Oxides as Diffusion Sources for Simplified High-Efficiency Solar Cell Fabrication N. Wehmeier, G. Schraps, H. Wagner, B. Lim, N.-P. Harder, P.P. Altermatt Information
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