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2020 Costs of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Systems Integration in the Future Italian Energy Scenarios E. Veronese, M.G. Prina, G. Manzolini, D. Moser Information
2020 Crystalline Silicon Synthesis by Magnesiothermic Reduction of Natural Silica Sand A. Darghouth, S. Aouida, B. Bessais Information
2020 Customization of Photovoltaic Modules' Appearance by Colored Textiles (COTEX) T. Gewohn, M.R. Vogt, B. Lim, C. Schinke, R. Brendel Information
2020 C-Si and Thin Film Photovoltaic Penetration Scenarios in Kano State - Nigeria S.G. Relva, A. Abubakar, M.E.M. Udaeta, V.O. da Silva, A.L.V. Gimenes, C.F.M. Almeida Information
2020 Contactless Outdoor Photoluminescence of Silicon Photovoltaic Modules with Large Area Excitation Source B. Doll, J. Hepp, M. Hoffmann, O. Stroyuk, A. Vetter, M. Hemsendorf, D. Tegtmeyer, F. Talkenberg, M. Menz, M. Baier, R. Schüler, L. Lüer, C. Camus, C. Buerhop-Lutz, J. Hauch, I.M. Peters, C.J. Brabec Information
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