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2022 Combining Circularity and Environmental Metrics to Guide Development in PV A.R. Zubas, M. Fischer, E. Gervais, S. Herceg, S. Nold Information
2022 Crack Propensity of PV Backsheets – Comparison of Laminated and Co-extruded Backsheets G. Oreski, C. Barretta, A. Macher, G.C. Eder, L. Neumaier, M. Feichtner, M. Aarnio-Winterhof Information
2022 Characterization of the Crystallinity, Passivation and Conductivity of Nano-Crystalline Silicon Films for Si Heterojunction Solar Cells K. Ceulemans, H. Sivaramakrishnan Radhakrishnan, D. Rajagopal, S. Sergeant, T. Nuytten, J. Poortmans Information
2022 Comparison of LCOE for Various PV System Configurations and Module Technologies in the South African Climatic Condition T.J. Serameng, J.L. Crozier McCleland, E.E. van Dyk, F.J. Vorster, R.M. Dix Peek, M. Vumbugwa, R.P. Roodt Information
2022 Comparison of Amorphous Silicon Deposition Methods for Heterojunction Solar Cells C. Strobel, S. Leszczynski, M. Albert, J.W. Bartha, T. Mikolajick, F. Stahr, S. Röhlecke, O. Steinke Information
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