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2021 Comparison of Electrical Performances of Fully Ion Implanted n-PERT Solar Cells Made of Different n-Type Wafer Feedstocks G. Bektaşs, H. Asav, H.H. Canar, O. Aydin, A.E. Keçeci, S. Ozdemir, S. Koçak Bütüner, S. Seyrek, F. Es, R. Turan Information
2021 Copper Based Front Side Metallization Contacts - Screen Printed and Fired in Air T. Druffel, R. Dharmadasa, K. Ankireddy, K. Elmer, A. Ebong, S. Huneycutt Information
2021 Comparison of Soiling Loss Between Framed and Frameless Photovoltaic Modules H. Karakan, H.A. Ceyran, A. Yazici, M. Günöven Information
2021 Cadmium Sulfide Thickness Reduction in CIGS Solar Cells by Application of ALD-Zinc Magnesium Oxide D. Bagrowski, S. Spiering, T. Schnabel, J.-P. Becker Information
2021 Copper Oxides as Base Material for Solar Cells K. Gawlinska-Necek, Z. Starowicz, R.P. Socha, M. Wlazło, G. Kolodziej, G. Putynkowski, P. Panek Information
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