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2022 Comparison of Energy Performance of Vertical and Tilted Bifacial PV Modules in Arid Environments M. Kivambe, G. Scabbia, A. Abdallah, B. Figgis, J. Lopez-Garcia Information
2022 Comparison of Soiling Measurement Approaches in Solar PV Plants P. Rodriguez, H. Aristizabal, J. Muñoz, S. Sinha Information
2022 Cost-Effective Fluorene and Thiophene Containing Hole Conductors Towards Semi-transparent Sb2S3 Absorber-Based Solar Cells S. Mandati, N. Juneja, A. Katerski, A. Jegorove, S. Daskeviciute-Geguziene, R. Grzibovskis, A. Vembris, N. Spalatu, A. Magomedov, S. Karazhanov, V. Getautis, M. Krunks, I. Oja Acik Information
2022 Critical Issues and Novel Concepts of Cooling BIPVT and its Integration with Low-Temperature Heating G. Aspetakis, Q. Wang Information
2022 Comparison of the Yield of Miniaturized Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules with the Yield Simulation of Bifiacial Modules A. Pillai, K. Depner, C.B. Ray, S. Mebus, E.M. Grommes, U. Blieske Information
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