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2020 Characterizing Modules Light Management Potential with Existing (Structured Ribbons and Films, Multiwire) and Next Gen Materials by Means of Hemispheric IAM (HIAM) Robust Method M. Falsini, D. Jafrancesco Information
2020 CdTe Module Degradation during Dry and Damp Accalerated Aging Tests in Respect to the Leakage Current Pathway L. Gerstenberg, P.K. Panda, S. Voswinckel, V. Wesselak Information
2020 Comparison of Double Glass and Glass/Backsheet Bifacial Module Designs W.J. Gambogi, M. Demko, B.-L. Yu, S. MacMaster, S. Kurian, A. Borne, H. Hu, Y. Hu, Z. Pan, K.R. Choudhury Information
2020 Comparison of Long-Term Indoor and Outdoor Performance Measurement Techniques of Crystalline Silicon PV Modules to Validate Annual Degradation F. Carigiet, C.J. Brabec, F.P. Baumgartner Information
2020 Cast-Mono Silicon Wafers for a Sustainable PV Market Growth S. Riepe, S. Nold, P. Brailovsky, P. Krenckel, L. Friedrich, S. Janz, R. Preu Information
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