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2019 Constructing 1-Second Resolution Irradiance Datasets Using Clearness Index Samples G. Dickeson, L. McLeod, B. Herteleer, L. Frearson Information
2019 Combining Region-Specific Supply Chains with Geo-Located PV Electricity Production for Life Cycle Assessment of Worldwide Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Systems in ENVI-PV v2.0 P. Perez-Lopez, B. Gschwind, R. Frischknecht, P. Stolz, C. Mehl, M. Payeur, G. Heath, I. Blanc Information
2019 CitizEE Project - Scaling Up Public Sustainable Investments via Citizen Financing Schemes P. Alonso, S. Caneva, J.-F. Marchand, L. Vanstraelen, M. Casas, F. Pause, M. Wimmer, J. Nuno-Brito, E. Steyaert, H. Ruttens, V. Segon, R. Adomaviciene, K. Vaskeliene, G. Zakevicius, L. Della-Sala Information
2019 Challenges for Financing Utility Scale Solar PV Projects Using Bifacial Technologies D. Barandalla, M. Clemente Gimeno, P. Johnson, S. León, X. Puerta Information
2019 Comparing Cz-Si PERC Solar Cells from Various Manufacturers Regarding BO-Related Light-Induced Degradation and Regeneration D.C. Walter, L. Helmich, T. Pernau, O. Romer, J. Schmidt Information
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