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2019 Combining Region-Specific Supply Chains with Geo-Located PV Electricity Production for Life Cycle Assessment of Worldwide Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Systems in ENVI-PV v2.0 P. Perez-Lopez, B. Gschwind, R. Frischknecht, P. Stolz, C. Mehl, M. Payeur, G. Heath, I. Blanc Information
2019 CitizEE Project - Scaling Up Public Sustainable Investments via Citizen Financing Schemes P. Alonso, S. Caneva, J.-F. Marchand, L. Vanstraelen, M. Casas, F. Pause, M. Wimmer, J. Nuno-Brito, E. Steyaert, H. Ruttens, V. Segon, R. Adomaviciene, K. Vaskeliene, G. Zakevicius, L. Della-Sala Information
2019 Contact Resistivity of the TCO/a-Si:H/c-Si Heterojunction C. Luderer, C. Messmer, M. Hermle, M. Bivour Information
2019 Challenges for Financing Utility Scale Solar PV Projects Using Bifacial Technologies D. Barandalla, M. Clemente Gimeno, P. Johnson, S. León, X. Puerta Information
2019 Comparing Near-Field Calculations and Effective Medium Models for Light Reflection and Absorption of Black Silicon Nano-Textures T.P.N. Veeken, T.H. Fung, D. Payne, B. Puthen-Veettil, A. Polman, M. Abbott Information
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