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2019 Contacting New Solar Cell Metallization Layouts and Contact Quality Surveillance in Solar Cell Production K. Ramspeck, P. Waleska, S. Schenk, M. Alt, R. Jakob, M. Meixner Information
2019 Characterization and Modelling of the Soiling Effect on the PV Generation under Urban Mediterranean Conditions N. Martín Chivelet, J. Polo, M. Alonso-Abella, C. Sanz, F.J. Batlles Garrido, G. López Rodríguez, J. Alonso-Montesinos, J.L. Bosch, J. Barbero Information
2019 Cross-Validation of PV System Simulation Software A. Driesse, N. Patel Information
2019 Cost Effective Growth of Silicon Mono Ingots by the Application of Active Crystal Cooling in Combination with Large Melt Volumes in Cz-Puller F. Mosel, A.V. Denisov, B. Klipp, N. Sennova, R. Kunert, F. Zobel, P. Dold, M. Trempa, C. Reimann, J. Friedrich Information
2019 Comparative Study of the Photovoltaic Productivity of the Three Silicon Technologies in Ouarzazate City (Morocco) Y. Darmane Information
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