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2017 Comparison of Novel Optimization Techniques with Application in Maximizing Tandem Solar Cells Performances S. Michael, M. Tsutagawa, S. Pueschel Information
2017 Capacitance-Voltage and Current-Voltage Characterization to Determine Carrier Concentrations in Quantum Dot Embedded Solar Cells M. Elborg, T. Noda, Y. Sakuma Information
2017 Constructing Submicron-Texture on Diamond-Wire-Sawn Multi-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells via Copper Catalyzed Chemical Etching X. Su, J. Zha, T. Wang, C. Pan, K. Chen, F. Hu, S. Zou Information
2017 Comparison of Industrial Solutions to Light Induced Degradation of High Efficiency Cz PERC Cells H. Li, J. Xu, K. Chen, H. Fan, S. Ma, C. Yu, Q. Xu, X. Ruan Information
2017 Comparison of Accelerated UV Test Methods with Florida Exposure for Photovoltaic Backsheet Materials E. Parnham, A. Whitehead, S. Pain, B. Brennan Information
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