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2013 Cost-Optimised Metallization Layout for Metal Wrap Through (MWT) Solar Cells and Modules M. Hendrichs, B. Thaidigsmann, T. Fellmeth, S. Nold, A. Spribille, P. Herrmann, M. Mittag, I. Haedrich, U. Eitner, F. Clement, D. Biro, R. Preu Information
2013 Contact Resistance of Screen Printed Ag Contacts to Si Emitters: Physical Insights from 3D-Modelling Based on Experimentally Observed Microstructures D. Rudolph, S. Olibet, A.M. Svensson, K. Butler, J. Friis, J. Harding, E. Cabrera, R. Kopecek Information
2013 Changes in Passivation Quality of PECVD-Deposited Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Layers Used in Solar Cells Due to Sputter Deposition of TCOs D. Skorka, N. Brinkmann, A. Gorgulla, G. Hahn, B. Terheiden Information
2013 Concerning the Accuracy of Employing Monthly-Averaged Hourly Utility Data for PV/CPV-Grid Matching Purposes E. Strobach, D. Faiman, G. Meron Information
2013 Characterization Defects Detected on c-Si PV Modules After Certain Period of Field Exposure M. Ezquer Mayo, J. Moracho, J.M. Cuadra, A.B. Cueli, J. Díaz, A.R. Lagunas Information
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