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2016 Characterisation of n-Type Bifacial Silicon PV Modules J. Lopez-Garcia, B. Haile, D. Pavanello, A. Pozza, T. Sample Information
2015 Comparative Study of Nonparametric and Parametric PV Models to Forecast AC Power Output of PV Plants M.P. Pinho Almeida, M. Muñoz, I. , O. Perpiñán, L. Narvarte Fernández Information
2014 CDS/CDTE Solar Cells with a V2O5/AU Back Contact K. Shen, R. Yang, D. Wang, D. Wang Information
2013 CopenHybrid – Development of a CO2 Neutral Hybrid Street Lighting System for the Danish Municipalities’ Illumination Classes P. Poulsen, C. Dam-Hansen, A. Thorseth, S. Thorsteinsson, J. Lindén, S. Stentoft Hansen, S. Ellermann, C. Bak, W. Skrzypinski, C. Beller, C. Weber Kock, F. Bühler, R.K. Harboe, P. Boesgaard, T. Jensen, O. Søndergaard, C. Andresen, M. Fahlen, T. Maare, H. Prestegaard, J. Poulsen, S. Kremmer Information
2013 Co-Electrodeposited Cu2ZnSnS4 in Non-Equilibrium Growth Conditions and the Effect of Annealing T. Shiyani, M. Patel, I. Mukhopadhyay, A. Ray Information
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