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2020 Combustion Based Delamination of Si Glass/Glass Photovoltaic Modules X. Ma, H. Bu, M. Rudzikas, J. Denafas, J. Ulbikas, A.G. Ulyashin Information
2019 Characterization of Fire-Through Pastes on LPCVD Based Passivating Contacts in MonoPolyTM Solar Cells P. Padhamnath, J.K. Buatis, N. Nandakumar, N. Nampalli, N. Balaji, V. Shanmugam, A.G. Aberle, S. Duttagupta Information
2016 Chemical Mist Deposition of PEDOT:PSS on Textured c-Si for Efficient c-Si/PEDOT:PSS Heterojunction Solar Cells J. Hossain, K. Ichikawa, Q. Liu, R. Ishikawa, K. Ueno, H. Shirai Information
2013 Comparison of Aluminum Oxide Layers Deposited by PECVD and Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering for Dielectric Rear Side Passivation of Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells O. Hegr, P. Cech, M. Kusko, S. Kadlec, J. Sobota, R. Barinka Information
2012 Characterising PV Technologies Globally E. Herzog, C. Weiß, S. Falkner, D. Buß, H.G. Beyer, M.B. Strobel Information
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