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2019 Correlation Analysis of Environmental Variables for Pb Free p-PERC Bifacial c-Si PV Module in Floating and Marine PVs W.B. Lee, G.-G. Kim, B.G. Bhang, J.-H. Choi, S.Y. Park, O. Kwon, H.S. Jo, H.J. Go, C.S. Won, H.K. Ahn Information
2018 Characterization of a Novel Photovoltaic Backsheet Based on Polyamide-Ionomer Technology P. Perez, D. Hari, J. Kumar, R. Nagarajan, A. Rothacker, D. Santoleri, C. Thellen Information
2013 Combining Periodic Nanoimprint Lithography and Disorder for Light Trapping in Polycristalline Silicon Solar Cells on Foreign Substrates I. Abdo, C. Trompoukis, A. Abass, B. Maes, R. Guindi, V. Depauw, D. Van Gestel, I. Gordon, O. El Daif Information
2013 Critical Parameters to Investigate the Appearance Deviation for Anti-Reflection Glass PV Module J. Tu, E. Yen, K.K.L. Ho, R. Lai, K. Wang, J.C.Y. Lee, H. Chen, J. Chen, M. Chang Information
2012 Conditioning of Textured Silicon Solar Cell Substrates by Wet-Chemical Treatments B. Stegemann, J. Kegel, O. Gref, U. St├╝rzebecher, A. Laades, K. Wolke, C. Gottschalk, H. Angermann Information
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