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2018 Design and Installation of PV Systems Custom PV System Integration into High Performance Autonomous Heliostats for Optimal Thermo Solar Plants J. Ulbikas, D. Horbacauskas, V. Ulbikaite, J. Doneliene, M. Rudzikas, M.A. Carrascosa Pérez, S. Bundgaard, J. Pelle, R.J. Serrano, I. Palomino Information
2018 Defects in Epitaxially Grown Silicon Wafers Causing Lifetime Patterns M. Drießen, P. Beu, F.D. Heinz, T. Fehrenbach, E. Gust, F. Schindler, S. Janz Information
2018 Dutch Solar Design BIPV: Optimizing Power Output and Aesthetic Performance in Architectural Design L.H. Slooff, J.A.M. van Roosmalen, L.A.G. Okel, T. Minderhoud, G. Gijzen, L.C. Polinder, F. Goethals, T. Sepers Information
2017 Decentralized Fuzzy-Based Voltage Control for LV Distribution Systems E.A. Bernal, M. Bueno-López, M.M. Molinas Information
2017 Development of a Modular Cradle to Cradle Process-Chain for c-Si-PV Panel Recycling J. Glatthaar, E. Kamdje, J.B. Barnikel, M. Dax, V. Schaub, H.G. Stevens, B. Jehle, U. Ricklefs, E.A. Stadlbauer, H. Weigand Information
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