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2022 Data-Driven PV System Engineering: Comprehensive Modelling and Simulation of a Grid-Connected Three-Phase Inverter V. Titova, L. Lahrmann, A.A. Alves, F. Haase, Z. Khadiri-Yazami, M. Lapke Information
2022 Detailed Performance & Degradation Assessment of Different PV Technologies with More Than 10 Years Lifetime S. Lindig, A. Louwen, L. Koester, A. Astigarraga, D. Moser Information
2022 Development and Evaluation of an Automatic Failure Detection System for O&M of PV Portfolios E.A. Sarquis Filho, B. Kollosch, B. Müller, N. Melgar, K. Kiefer, C. Reise, P.J. Costa Branco Information
2022 Data-Driven Assessment of Solar Pre-Cooling and Pre-Heating in Australian Housing S. Naderi, S. Heslop, D. Chen, I. MacGill, G. Pignatta, A. Sproul Information
2022 Development of Shingle Matrix Technology for Integrated PV Applications D. von Kutzleben, M. Mittag, T. Rößler, J. Weber, S. Sigdel, N. Klasen, P. Zahn, A. Kraft, H. Neuhaus Information
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