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2016 Definition of a Desalination-Refrigeration Unit Powered by a Solar Photovoltaic Thermal Collectors PVT: a Case Study for Dakhla Morocco M. Ibrahimi, E.M. El Khattabi, A. Arbaoui, Y. Aoura Information
2016 Deviations of Results for Energy Yield from Efficiency Rankings of Micro-Inverters S. Krauter, J. Bendfeld Information
2016 Development of Cost-Effective Silver Alloy Front-Side Paste for Si Solar Cells D. Corbett, A. Savidis, R. Goodall, J. Corteen, E. Raj, S. Johnson, R. Orman, G. Kerr Information
2015 Demonstration of a Novel Inspection System for a Solar Cell Using Terahertz Emission Imaging H. Nakanishi, A. Ito, M. Mizubata, I. Kawayama, H. Murakami, M. Tonouchi Information
2015 Design and Realization of Three Different PV-Systems for Educational Purposes in Bolivia U. Blieske, N. Reiners, R. Gecke, A. Maixner, P. Schorpp, N. Schwarze, N. Wolf, D. Korber, J. Muenzberg Information
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