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2017 Distributed PV Generation: Challenges and Solutions for Its Expansion and Integration in the Brazilian Grid with Case Study of the Impact of the White Tariff V.O. da Silva, D.B. Bernhard, S.G. Relva, A.L. Veiga Gimenes, M.E. Morales Udaeta, M.B.C. Salles Information
2017 Dynamic IV Analysis System for Diagnosis of PV-Module Strings in a Large Scale PV-Power Plant M. Vervaart, S. Lespinats, F. Al-Shakarchi Information
2017 DSM Light Trapping Technology for Optimised Output of Bifacial PV Technology M. Mrcarica, P. Pasmans, J. Rabanal-Arabach, A. Halm, A. Schneider Information
2017 Digital Plant Lifecycle Record – A New Standard for Efficient PV O&M J. Schmidt, C. Bertsch-Engel Information
2017 Design and Performance of a Real Scale Refrigerated Photovoltaic Plant Installed in a Hydroelectric Plant V.O. da Silva, A.L. Veiga Gimenes, S.G. Relva, M.E. Morales Udaeta, L.C. Ribeiro Galvão Information
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