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2019 Demonstration of a Novel Low Concentration and Solar Control Photovoltaic System for Building Integration D. Valencia-Caballero, M. Machado, A. Sanz Martinez, Y.B. Assoa, F. Burgun, J. Escribano Troncoso, E. Rico, T. Reijenga, P. Brassier, P. Surguy, L. Chan, V. Francisco, P. Alonso, I. Weiss Information
2019 Development of Transparent Conductive Oxide for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cell K. Nakamura, K. Muramatsu, T. Nishihara, A. Ogura, Y. Ohshita Information
2019 Development of an Academic Living-Lab as Sociotechnical Imaginary to Facilitate the Uptake of Solar Technologies in the 2Seas Region T.E. Motoasca Information
2019 Data of Value, Valuing Data: Open-Access Bankable Resource Data Project in Australia's Northern Territory S. Ong, A. Atkins, B. Herteleer, L. McLeod, G. Dickeson, H. Norris, L. Frearson Information
2019 Development of Phosphorus Thin Doped Layers by Plasma Immersion for Homo- Hetero Junction Solar Cells Application J. Jourdan, T. Desrues, A. Lanterne, D. Muñoz, R. Varache, A. Danel, P. Carroy, C. Roux, S. Dubois Information
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