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2018 DUBIO: A Fully Automatic IR Inspecting System for Large PV Plants M. Colaprico, M.F. de Ruvo, G. Leotta, M.L.T. Lo Trovato, F. Bizzarri, S. Vergura, F. Marino Information
2018 Development and Industrialization of a Handy and Portable Irradiation Sensor Measuring Global, Diffuse, and Direct Solar Irradiation with no Need for Sun Tracking Systems or Moving Parts A. Rossi, L. Botti, R. Zaza Information
2016 Design and Cost Optimization of Small-Scale PV-Powered Reverse Osmosis Desalination (Case Study) S. Hajji, A. Bentamy, N. Mbodji, A. Hajji Information
2016 Design, Characterization and Modelling of High Efficient Solar Powered Lighting Systems P. Nymann, F. Svane, P. Poulsen, S. Thorsteinsson, J. Lindén, R. Overgaard Ploug, M.C. Mira Albert, A. Knott, I. Mogensen, K. Retoft Information
2015 Disordered Photonic Nanostructures for Advanced Light-Trapping in Solar Cells I. Massiot, A. Dmitriev, C. Trompoukis, O. El Daif, V. Depauw, I. Gordon, R. Mertens, J. Poortmans, K. Lee Information
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