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2018 Design and Indoor Validation of "DUSST": A Novel Low-Maintenance Soiling Station M. Muller, J. Morse, F. Almonacid-Cruz, E.F. Fernández, L. Micheli Information
2018 Determining the Thermal Behaviour of Encapsulants and its Impact on Energy Yield I. El -Chami, H. Oprins, V. Cherman, I.T. Horvath, H. Goverde, J. Govaerts, T. Borgers, E. Voroshazi, J. Poortmans Information
2013 Development of n-μc-SiO:H as a Back Reflector and Its Application to Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells T. Srikanth, U. Basavaraju, R. Tomy M, M.G. Sreenivasan, C. Banerjee, K. Mohanchandran, S. Mukhopadhyay, A.K. Barua Information
2010 Distributed Resistance Effects Simulation in Concentrator MJ SCs Using 3D-Network Model V.M. Emelyanov, N.A. Kalyuzhnyy, M.A. Mintairov, S.A. Mintairov, M.Z. Shvarts, V.M. Lantratov Information
2008 Deposition of High Permeation Barrier Films by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition for Organic Solar Cells J. Ubrig, M. Bedjaoui, S. Martin, S. Cros, J.-E. Bouree Information
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