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2019 Development of New Probe Bar for c-Si PV Cells with Unique Electrode Design Such as Busbar-Less, Multi Busbar and Complicated Busbar K. Kamatani, Y. Fujita, Y. Takeda, K. Shibamoto, H. Kojima, Y. Nakamichi, K. Iwamoto Information
2017 Development of Characterization Techniques and Applications of Bifacial Solar Cells and Modules S. Dittmann, S. Krause, J. Bagdahn, H. Park, M.-S. Kim, W.-S. So, S.-Y. Oh, W.K. Kim, C. Park, T. Brammer, S. Esefelder, B.S. Kim, S. Chang Information
2013 Development of Bifacial N-Type Silicon Solar Cells D. Wang, Z. Yang, H. Yin, J. Xiao, L. Hou, X.-S. Wang, L. Zhang Information
2008 Determination of the Diffusion Capacitance of a Bifacial Solar Cell Under Monochromatic Light: Influence of the Junction Recombination and Illumination Wavelength I. Barro, M. Ndiaye, M. Deme, S. Mbodji, E. Ba, G. Sissoko Information
2008 Development of a-Si Thin Film Solar Lamination Process Using 30 Gauge PVB as Interlayer F. Mei, M. Wohlert, R. Jia, W. Lu, G. Prabhu, D. Tanner Information
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