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2019 Development of an Academic Living-Lab as Sociotechnical Imaginary to Facilitate the Uptake of Solar Technologies in the 2Seas Region T.E. Motoasca Information
2019 Development and Characterization of Silicon-Rich Nitride Layers for Silicon Solar Cell Passivating Contacts R. Sharma, H. Sivaramakrishnan Radhakrishnan, M. Recamán Payo, J. Poortmans Information
2019 Development and Evaluation of Open-Source IEEE 1547.1 Test Scripts for Improved Solar Integration N. Ninad, E. Apablaza-Arancibia, M. Bui, J. Johnson, S. Gonzalez, W. Son, C. Cho, J. Hashimoto, K. Otani, R. Bründlinger, R. Ablinger, C. Messner, C. Seitl, Z. Miletic, I. Vidaurrazaga Temez, F.P. Baumgartner, F. Carigiet, B. Fox, S. Kumar, J. Kumar Information
2019 Dynamic Agrivoltaics: A Breakthrough Innovation F. Sourd, J. Garcin, C. Dugué, G. Goaer Information
2019 Data-Driven Approach for SOH Estimation for Complex On-Grid Energy Storage Systems F. Karoui, D.-L. Ha, T. Delaplagne, M.-F. Bouaziz, L. Vinit, M. Montaru Information
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