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2021 Energy Payback Time of Photovoltaic Electricity Generated by Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) Solar Modules: A Novel Methodology Proposal M. Salibi, F. Schönberger, Q. Makolli, E. Bousi, S. Almajali, L. Friedrich Information
2021 Emerging Technologies in Photovoltaics: Critical Issues and Perspectives for Electrical Performance Measurements G. Bardizza, D. Pavanello, H. Müllejans, E.D. Dunlop Information
2021 European Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for Photovoltaics – Fit for 55% and Climate Neutrality M. Topic, R. Drozdowski-Strehl, W.C. Sinke Information
2021 Energy Management System for Electric Bus Charging Hub with Local Storage and PV Energy Integration S. Ranta, H. Huerta, D. Roggo, O. Huhtala, A. Heinonen, V. Lavonen, J. Pouget Information
2021 Effect of Surface Morphology on Passivation Quality of AL2O3/SiNx Stack Layer for PERC Solar Cell S. Koçak Bütüner, G. Bektaş, G. Kökbudak, M. Zolfaghari Borra, H. Asav, A.E. Keçeci, B. Arıkan, R. Turan Information
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