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2020 Efficient Deployment of Deep Neural Networks for Quality Inspection of Solar Cells Using Smart Labeling P. Kunze, J. Greulich, S. Rein, K. Ramspeck, M. Hemsendorf, A. Vetter, M. Demant Information
2020 Effective Spectral Albedo from Satellite Data for Bifacial Gain Calculations of PV Systems J.C. Blakesley, G. Koutsourakis, S. Douglas, J.K.L. Holder, J. Torry, F.A. Mukadam, A. Schmid, R.S.J. Abrams Information
2020 Estimation of Maximum Current Generated by Bifacial PV Arrays for System Design J.S. Stein, D.S. Riley, C. Stark Information
2020 Evaluation of an Intra-Day Forecast Algorithm for a Rooftop PV Installation Using a Clear-Sky Index J. Lehmann, B. Haut, S. Scheerlinck Information
2020 Effect of CdS1-xTex Intermix Layer Thickness on CdTe Solar Cell Performance N. Kumar Das, S.F.U. Farhad, J. Chakrabartty, M.A. Matin, N. Amin Information
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